A Handbook for UX Development & Career Growth


At the decade milestone of UX at Covenant Eyes, the team was in need of a reset. Expectations had changed over the years. Policies, ceremonies, roles, and responsibilities had been driven by multiple perspectives, experiences, and people. Many voices have influenced and molded UX. At the core of this is the question: “What does it mean to be a UX professional at Covenant Eyes?” It’s for these reasons that I wrote Building UX: A Handbook for UX Development & Career Growth. I wanted to inspire UX practitioners. I wanted clear expectations on how to practice, grow and thrive in the field of UX. I wanted the UX team to understand their role within an organization and with each other. I also wanted this book to help Covenant Eyes to better understand the value of UX and its potential when boundaries are removed, and impediments are addressed.

After going through this process I am convinced Design Directors should do this for their teams. It provides clarity, stability and guidance that I have not found elsewhere.


  • Design Leadership
  • Content Strategy
  • Layout Design
  • Visual Design

What’s in the book?

Building UX: A Handbook for UX Development & Career Growth is built on the thoughts, standards and works of experts within the UX Design industry. Without their insights and publications, this book would not exist. The ideas and perspectives of people like Edward Tufte, Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman, Jesse James Garret, Jared Spool, Peter Morville, Massimo Vignelli and so many others have heavily contributed to this book. Many sections borrow heavily from their works. I want to make this clear: Building UX brings together frameworks, ideas, and lessons from various experts, myself included. The contents of this internal book are not 100% my own.

Building Blocks

This section is heavily inspired by the works of Peter Morvile and Massimo Vignelli. It’s really about laying the foundation for what is means to be a UX designer or researcher. From a high level, it focusing on Defining Design, Fostering Design and Practicing Design. Vignelli’s Intangibles, AIGA’s Design Grid, and UXPA’s Code of Ethics are all included in this section.

Design Disciplines

Design Skills

Career Growth