Media Manager is a single web application made by Ministry Brands to manage media across several of their products for their users.


Ministry Brands has over 2 dozen brands of products that they sell to churches, non-profits and Christian organizations. Many of their customers use more than one of their services. A typical set-up would be to use a product for building their website, another for managing the information of church members and another one for tithing. Each of these products has places to upload and manage media but users were often uploading a lot of media in multiple places over and over again. It got old.


  • Design Strategy
  • Web App Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Content Strategy


Interaction Design

There were a handful of common interactions that users needed to complete repeatedly. This is where I started the project out. Ofter serval interviews with stakeholders and some of our users, I got a pretty good idea of what interaction flows I needed to start with. I broke it down the 6 most important tasks into primary, secondary and tertiary user tasks.

In hindsight, I missed a crucial user task as this point in the process; setting up the connection with each Ministry Brand product. I had to double-back later and revisit interaction flows. Whoops.


My wireframes were super basic for this project but I needed them to be. There were so many different layouts and options when it came to these many, many screens. So I had to keep it simple and focused on the different types of layouts.


These hi-fi prototypes went through a few revisions until they were just right. In total, this project required 170 unique art boards and took several months from start to finish. This ended up being my favorite project I’ve ever designed.