My Account is a self-service web-app used by Covenant Eyes’ members. Additionally, our main product offering, reports, can be accessed through this.


My Account is my longest running project at Covenant Eyes or anywhere else. I had been on the project for nearly 4 years. My Account is a web application for account management. As Covenant Eyes has grown and changed, the needs and features of My Account have changed as well. Services have been added and removed. Account types have been created while older ones have been cast aside. Technology has changed, people have changed and so has My Account in order to stay useful.

Over the years I have done everything imaginable as a UX designer with My Account. Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, Responsive Web Design, research, writing, strategy work, you name it. We’ve gone through 2 major redesigns and are close to working on a 3rd. My Account houses one of the largest components of Covenant Eyes services; reports. That, coupled with managing one’s account makes My Account a key tool for us and I’m been happy to have been able to work on it.


  • Responsive Web Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Design Research

Responsive Design

In 2015, I was the lead UX Designer on a project to make My Account accessible from any screen size. At the time, a third of our traffic was coming from mobile devices and the existing experience was abysmal. In order to kick this project off, a developer and myself had to convince a group of leaders to spend a ton of time, money and resources to redesign a web-app that had just been built 18 months earlier. But we were convincing.

We spent a few sprints just researching the best approach to a multi-screened experience. Mobile site with a desktop site, separate app or responsive website were our top contenders. After considering our options, we went with a responsive web approach. During this period, the UX tools at my disposal were lacking so I designed and coded the entire site in HTML and CSS with the help of Foundation from Zurb. Actually, I did this 7 times. I am a big believer in multiple options, therefore multiple prototypes were a must.

This site is still being used, 5 years later and is only now being replaced with a mobile-app approach. So I think this project ended up being a success.

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